Paint Sprayers
Titan RentSpray 650 High Rider

Maximum Tip Size: 1 gun to 0.025
Maximum Delivery Rating: 0.66 gpm
Maximum Working Pressure: 3300
Maximum Hose Length: 300-ft
Power Source:  1.45 hp Infinity
Brushless DC Motor
Typical Applications: Medium to
large jobs, new residential and
light commercial

Gas Models also available.
Gas Models also Avialable.
Available at
Hilltop Tool Rental
Titan DT Steamer

The Titan DT Steamer dual tank system heats a
small, continual stream of water in a smaller
tank, resulting in continuous steam in less than
5 minutes.


  • Dual tank technology  
  • Rugged, 1500 watt, long-life heating element
  • 1.5 gallon tank
  • Large and small steam plate
  • Plastic steam hose and fittings
  • 16 ft. electrical cord and 16 ft. steam hose

$85.00 / day
+  7.01  tax
$ 92.01  total / day
$42.50 / day
+ 3.51  tax
$46.01  total / day
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equipment and prices are subject to change