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Root Grapple & Grapple Bucket
Move bulky hard-to-hangle materials easily and securly.
Ideal for leading or piling logs annd brush.
Best choice for cleanup of demolition and storm debris.
Root grapples let the dirt sift out when loading large rock and trash.
Root grapple tines cure upward - prevent catching utility lines or cables
in storm cleanup.

Rugged heavy duty construction for dependability and long life.
Hydraulic cylinders operate independently to adjust for uneven loads.
Hydraulic cylinders, hoses and fittings are protected with covers.
Grease zerks at all pivot points.
Cutting edges are punched for optional blol on blade.

      66"  $2,805.00 Root Grappler
                             72"  $2,825.00 Root Grappler

TA Style Forks lock into position.  Forks are captive
and can't swing out when a load of railroad ties or
other loose materials is dumped off the end of the

Extra Heavy Duty - Toughest on the Market
Frame constructed of ½" x 3" Flat Bar
Machined ITA Fork Carriage Bars
Big 5,500 lb. Load Capacity
Economy Forkframe
3700 lb. Load Capacity
Good Quality for Low cost
190M-84" ANGLE BROOM w/manual angle
Hydraulically driven rotating Broom pushes dirt and debris away
from loader. Designed for Heavy Duty sweeping of dirt, dried mud,
light snow, and other debris. Ideal for driveways, sidewalks, parking
lots, loading dock, warehouses and more. Excellent for quick light
snow removal without damage to the pavement surface. One piece
fast change Broom - No loss time installing multiple bristle wafers.
Bi-Directional, manually angles up to 30 degrees left or right of
center. Built-in stand keeps bristles off ground when stored and aids
in changing Brooms. Hoses kept together and protected from
abrasion in Nylon Sleeve. Flush Faced Hydraulic Quick Couplets
included Direct Drive Motor - No chains or sprockets Loader Arms
raise and lower broom. Universal Skid-Steer Mounting Plate Fits all
modern full size Skid-Steers.

Ideal for all drilling applications from dirt to
CONCRETE and even SOLID ROCK. Rugged
planetary drive units feature heavier components
than any competitors and will outperform all other
drives in their class. Paired with the correct auger,
they can handle most any drilling need. Heavy duty
single flight auger  48" over all length

6" Diameter                                  $273.00
9" Diameter                                  $385.00
12" Diameter                                $447.00
15" Diateter                                  4581.00
18" Diameter                                $704.00
24" Diameter                                $747.00
30" Diameter                             $1,006.00
36" Diameter                             $1,243.00
Star Industries Low Profile Dirt Buckets

Built stonger and better.  Here's why
  • 1. Strong Hat Section provides unyielding strength across the entire top of bucket.
  • 2. Dual Safety Step
  • 3. Beveled Hard Carbon Steel Side Blades. Strengthens and protects bucket sides.
  • Cut away shows reinforcing "Hat Section" at top of bucket
  • 4. Seams Fully Welded. Continuous weld inside and outside of shell seams provides greater
    strength and longer life.
  • 5. Low Profile Design Operator can see the leading edge from the seat. Other profiles are also
  • 6. Strong Universal Quick-Tach constructed of ⅜" plate steel to stand up to the new more powerful
    skid-steer loaders.
  • 7. Heavy (1/2" x 3") Scuff Bars Three to five bars, depending on width, reinforce bucket bottom and
    protect from excessive wear.
  • 8. Buckets Designed to Fit each brand of loader. Even though all new skid-steer loaders use a
    universal quick-tach they require different bucket profiles for proper operation. Star buckets are built
    to match your specific make & model of skid-steer loader.
  • 9. Square Bottom permits “back dragging” to level your work. Sets close to the ground.
    Landscapers love it.
  • 10. Beveled Hard Carbon Steel Blade on Leading Edge. 1/2" x 6" or  3/4" x 6" depending on bucket

LP22A-84  86-3/8" x 20-1/4" x 34" 21 cuft. capacity 570 lb.      
Buy For $1,295.00
               with optional bolt on blade   $1,632.00

Ideal for all drilling applications from dirt to concrete and even solid rock..

Rugged planetary drive units feature heavier components than any
competitors and will outperform all other drives in their class. Paired with
the correct auger, they can handle most any drilling need.

Q-Tach Auger Drive mounting frame for skid steer                 $451.00
Auger Hose Kit 1/2" x 96"                                                        $230.00
36" Fixed Length Shaft Extension                                           $220.00
48" Fixed Length Shaft Extension                                           $266.00
Drove S[ec/
Rec. Flow
10-20 gpm
15-30 gpm
20-35 gpm
Max. Output
2,000 ft lbs
3,000 ft lbs
3,500 ft lbs
Max Pressure
3,000 psi
3,000 psi
3,000 psi
Max Auger - Rock
Max Auger - Dirt
Drive Shaft
2" Hex
2" Hex
2" Hex
Drive Wt.
185 lbs
188 lbs
190 lbs
What ever the application, you will find Star Skeleton
Buckets are strong and durable. Heavy Duty
construction combined with intense emphasis on quality
produces a bucket that will stand up on the
toughest of jobs. Buckets are 84" wide.Bottom Ribs 3/8"
thick x 2 1/8" tall with a 4" tall raised step to help retain
  • 2½" open space between ribs lets smaller particles fall thru.
  • Overall Bucket Height – 20½"
  • Overall Bucket Depth – 34"
  • Bucket Sides and Back – ¼" plate
  • Leading edge – ¾" x 6" High Carbon Beveled Blade
  • Blade punched for Optional Bolt-on-Blade.
  • Heavy Duty Teeth are optional.
  • Closed Box Channel Section across top and 3¼" heavy angle
    section at bottom
  • provides a strong structural backbone for the bucket.
  • Heavy Duty Universal-Fit Skid-Steer quick-tach fits all current full
    size skid-steer loaders.
  • skeleton bucket
  •                                                                $1.230.00
WORK PLATFORM for forklifts

Stop personnel from standing on a pallet or make-shift platform.
Star Platforms are safe; they meet or exceed all OSHA / ANSI

Look at the features:
Heavy Duty Construction - 1000 lbs. capacity
Secures to forks with simple "Positive Pin Locking System"
Front mid rail raises for entrance - no gate to be left open
Built-in 84" high Mast Protection Screen
(upper half removable for transportation & storage)
Integral full perimeter toe board
Accepts forks up to 2⅜" thick x 6" wide
4' X 4'