Water Storage Tanks

These plastic water tanks are manufactured using resins that meet FDA
specifications to ensure safe storage of potable water. The dark green color limits
light penetration which reduces the growth of water-borne algae.

These tanks are great for rain water storage and collection or can be used as a
drinking water tank.

All of our poly water tanks for sale are rated at 8 pounds per gallon, which means
that they are for WATER STORAGE ONLY! They should not be used for chemicals,
fertilizers or any other product.

                                                                            Truck Bed Styles
50 gal     $245.00                                   525 gal    $625.00                             
         300 gal     $375.00                                 1000 gal
         500 gal     $450.00       
       1075 gal     $769.00
(Black also)
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