Lawn Roller and Aerator
Gandy Lawn Rollers

The Gandy rollers are rugged lawn rollers
designed to meet the demands of golf
courses, landscaping/ground care services,
homeowners and equipment rental dealers
who need compact, easily serviceable units
for superior performance.
Aerator Attachment

This aerator option quickly clamps around the
18"x 24" roller drum and secures using
threaded hook bolts. The hinged halves feature
angled spikes 2-1/2" long welded 6-inches apart.
Depth of penetration for aeration or seed and
fertilizer access is controlled by the desired fill
weight of the lawn roller and the direction of
$38.50 per day
6 horsepower 36" gas
powered lawn aerator.  

$95.00 per day.
Model TA-17D  Split-Drive Aerators

The aerator that makes turning easy! The patented Classen Split-Drive
Aerator permits non-stop aeration. The aeration tines are split into left
and right assemblies, driven independently of each other. The patented
split-drive technology let's you steer, turn, and aerate without raising the
tines out of the ground. Classen... serious lawn care made easy!

  • Patented split drive technology permits operator to steer, turn, and
    aerate non-stop without raising tines out of the ground
  • Steering controls ensure straight line operation on side hills with this
    full time self-propelled unit
  • Side bumpers prevent catching on obstacles and tire scrapes ensure
    consistent tine depth
  • Combination throttle and belt tightener for smoother start
  • Protective chain guards help keep grass, leaves and cores out of chains
    and sprockets
  • Heavy duty non-relube ball bearings

Specifications may change due to continuous product development.

$95.00 per day rental   $3,385.00 to purchase
We are updating our web site; so, available
equipment and prices are subject to change