Professional Hand Levels
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Hilltop Tool Rental
Stabila Levels
Plate Levels

Fully sealed solid rail (six sided) extension eliminates deflection, and
delivers the smoothest extension movement available.
Top plumb vial is permanently positioned at eye level.
Frame side opposite the stand-offs is a level measuring surface and
straight edge.
Vials are guaranteed for life never to fog, leak or require adjustment.
Certified accuracy in the top read position: 1/32" over 72"

6'-10' Type 106T Plate Level - extends 6' to 10'     $239.00

7'-12' Type 106T Plate Level - extends 7' to 12'    $249.00
Non Magnetic  48" Level            $99.00

Crystal clear vials readable in any direction with no change in accuracy  
Spring steel hairline indicators in vials.
Best frame strength-to-weight ratio.
Removable rubber end caps for scribing in corners and for reading tight  
header and sill openings.
Rubber end caps grip walls and do not leave marks.
Metal Hang hole for storing level on site.
Large comfortable rubber hand holes.
Fast and accurate installations
Strong, wide frame
Vials are guaranteed for life
Mason 3 Pack Combo with Case   $189.00

Set includes 24" and 48" Mason Levels
and Carrying Case

Light weight and Strong Frame
Special plumb vial locations to put the bubble in front of your eyes no
matter which course you are on
Wide open Plumb Vials for maximum visibility
Strike Zones- Blow shields are designed to be hit with a trowel
Centered hand holes (on 36” and 48” levels) for one handed balance
Wide open horizontal vial- Less bending over-better for your body
Easy to clean vials and frame- smooth design for removal of mortar
Removable and replaceable rubber end caps
Always Trust- Never Adjust
Sands Levels
Professional Cast Aluminum Levels           

The Sand's Professional Cast Aluminum Levels are made
of a special aluminum alloy, producing a tough casting that
is very durable but light in weight. All castings are
seasoned, before and after milling, to stabilize the casting
and assure the user a level that stays put! Precision-milling
insures parallel sides - accurate to .001" from end to end.
Will not warp!... will not rust! Not adjustable "Solid Set"
Cat's eye yellow vials insure permanent built-in accuracy.
All vial openings have protective glass lenses. The edges
are painted "Contractor Red".
12"          $29.95
18"          $29.95
24"          $29.95
28"          $39.95
30"          $39.95
48"          $49.95
SC-50    9" Cast Aluminum
Torpedo Level with 3 vials.   $10.95

   9" Cast Aluminum
Magnetic Torpedo Level with 3
vials.                                           $12.95

SC-55   3" Aluminum Line &
Surface Level.                           $3.95

PLL-3   3" Plastic Line & Surface
Level.                                          $3.95

556    5"   Aluminum Pocket Level
with Clip.                                    $3.95

480   Cross Check Level with 2
vials.                                           $4.95
OX Levels
OX Professional
Pro Spirit Level

Magnified vial with illumination
Two milled surfaces
Two Plumb site Dual-view vials
Air cushioned Ergogrip handles
The Pro Spirit Level has 3 vials

24"               $33.00
48"               $45.00
72"               $76.00
96"               $86.00