Floor Care
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Pullman-Holt Floor Machines

The B-Line Floor Machines are designed for professional floor care maintenance
including stripping, scrubbing, spray buffing, polishing, sanding and grinding on hard
floor surfaces, along with shampooing and bonnet cleaning of carpeted floors. They are
equipped with cool-running large frame motors 1horsepower, with all steel planetary

  • spread turning 175 rpm
  • Powder coated aluminum chassis is chip-resistant and corrosion resistant.
  • Star latch allows operator to adjust handle to any comfortable height, using either
    hand or foot.
  • Dual deadman switch system stops motor with release of trigger for operator
  • Safety latch disables machines when not in use.
  • Non-marking 5 inch solid wheels.
  • Non-marring bumpers on chassis and motor canopy.
  • 50 foot power cord.
  • CSA certified models available.

13"  Machine        $649.00
18"  Machine        $689.00
20"  Machine        $699.00

Sanding Drum
18"                       $348.00
20"                       $369.00
Essex Silver Line
Model SL-8 Sander

Motor- 1 HP constant speed, 115 volt, AC only,
60 Cycle, single phase. Runs on 14 amps.
Drum- Standard 8” width, soft rubber cover with
aluminum drum core, spring loaded cam paper
locking system, takes 8 x 20 3/16” paper
Drum Speed - 1800 RPM, constant speed
Net Weight - 115 lbs.

Model SL-8V2  

The Model SL-8V2 is the same powerful
machine as the SL-8 with the hook and loop
technology. Our new Hook & Loop Drum
incorporates hook and loop technology for
installation of paper. Hook on the drum
attached to the rubber, loop on the paper.

Essex Silver Line
Model SL-7 Floor

Motor - 1.5 HP Universal Motor, 115 volt, AC.
Disc Pad - 7" Diameter, rubber backed with
steel, precision balanced, 3600 RPM
Disc Guard - Free wheeling, non-marking
Vacuum - Oversized rerouted chamber for
extra-clean pickup.
Ball Bearings - On all revolving parts,
lubricated and sealed.
Net Weight - 30 lbs.
Essex Silver Line
Model SL-1218OVS Orbital Sander
with Dust Containment

The design allows the DIYer to accomplish the work of a rotary
polisher without knowing how to run one!

Applications include:
  • Screening floors after sanding with the SL-8 & SL-7
  • Screen & recoating polyurethane floors
  • Waxed floors scrubbing & polishing
  • Wood deck sanding & refinishing
  • Parquet floor sanding & refinishing
  • New & pre-finished floor sanding & refinishing
  • Tile Maintenance

12" x 18" Orbital Polisher, 1hp, Cast Aluminum base with weight
built into the chassis for low center of gravity, Sealed Baldor motor
protected from dust, fan cooled, thermal overload on motor, Heavy
Duty Rubber towers in four corners support the base & plate
protecting the motor shaft and allowing for easier operation. Larger
(5/8") orbital action, Armature has a 50lb pre-load to absorb shock
and start easier.

7" Back-up Pad      $24.00

7" Wool Bonnet      $20.00

7" Rubber Pad        $24.00

7" Polishing Pad      $20.00
Essex Silver Line
Replacement Parts

SL8-58 Dust Bag         $32.99
C7-38 Dust Bag          $28.50
C7-60 Cord                $71.99
SL8 Velcro
Replacement Pad      $104.99
EDCO 50200 Single-Disc Floor

This Single-Disc Floor Grinder has 11" of working width that will grind
approximately 200-250 square feet per hour at 1/32" with EDCO
Dyma-Serts. The round shroud gets tight against walls with help
from easy-rolling 10" steel-core, rubber wheels. This grinder
features a lifting eye for easy loading and unloading, a 2" vacuum
port and water port, an accessory toolbox tray and side-mounted
lifting handles. This grinder includes one multi-accessory disc, which
accepts Dyma-Serts, Strip-Serts and all other grinder accessories.
Three grinding accessories are required per loading. This rugged
and easy to maintain grinder is equipped with a 25-foot power cord
attached with a cord hanger, easy access to grease fittings and a 30
pound standard weight pack. This single phase electric grinder is
ideal for residential applications, grinding concrete and areas less
than 1,500 square feet. The 1.5 horsepower provides ample power
to repair damaged concrete slabs, remove urethanes or epoxy think
coats and leveling high spots or surface imperfections. This 115/230
volt single-disc grinder can smooth rough surfaces, rain or trowel
marks, as well as remove mastics, thin-sets, paint build-ups, resins
and more.


     3 Stones $21.00 per set
Scrapper Blades 8"      $17.59
Scrapper Blades 4"      $23.59
Clarke  CFP Pro® 17 & 20

The CFP Pro® 17 and 20 floor machines are rugged high powered
machines built for years of use in a wide range of floor machine
applications. With easy-to-use fingertip controls and multiple safety
features, such as handle-mounted safety switch, and a 50 ft yellow
cord, these all metal construction machines are designed for heavy
duty use. The handle lock can be actuated by foot, and there is a
convenient cord wrap for cord storage when not in use.

• All metal construction
• 1.5 hp motor with all-steel triple planetary gear box
• Pad Driver included with universal clutch plate
• Easy-to-use, fingertip controls
• Safety lock-out switch
175 rpm pad/brush speed        110 V
1.5 hp (1.1 kW)                      63dB A
50' safety yellow power cable    2 - 5' grey non-marking wheels
13 amps draw

Model 1715HD                                    $699.95
17" deck size                          16" pad driver
101 lb.                                    27 x 17 x 48 in

Model 2015HD                                    $799.95
20" deck size                          19" pad driver
109 lb.                                    27 x 20 x 48 in